What to Bring

In order to have a fun and rewarding trip, it’s important that you dress appropriately and have the proper equipment. We aim to help you have the lightest possible weight on your back without sacrificing safety. Having a light, well-packed bag is the key to a great trip.

Have questions? Not to worry. On the first day of camp, we’ll do a gear shakedown. We’ll look over what you’ve brought and help you adapt your equipment as needed to fit the needs of our course. So if you have something that you think might work, bring it along and we’ll let you know. 

What We Provide

You won’t have to worry about the group gear. We’ll provide tents, cooking gear, sleeping pads, and navigation gear. These items will be split among campers on the first day of camp.

Personal Gear

Make sure you put in the effort to be comfortable; it is miserable to have to put up with bad blisters or a broken backpack strap simply because you cut corners or didn't take the time to find high-quality gear. If you are going to splurge anywhere, these are the items to do it on. But you don't necessarily have to splurge to get high quality gear. Check out gear rental options at your local sporting goods store.

Optional Gear

Ah, the ultimate question of every camper - to bring, or not to bring? It is not an easy question. Some hikers love to load the pounds onto their backs so that they can relax in camp with all of the luxuries of a five-star hotel. Others prefer to limit themselves to the barest of necessities, sacrificing comfort in camp for the comfort of walking with a weightless backpack. Ultimately the decision is up to you! Just remember, for every additional optional item you bring, you will be sacrificing some degree of comfort while hiking, and potentially causing unnecessary stress to your body. Be sure to think carefully about what you want and what you need in order to have a healthy, successful trip.

How to Pack for your Trip

When you come to camp, you should bring your hiking backpack, all the gear you’re considering bringing along, and also a large duffle bag. This way, you will have an extra place to store any gear that you decide not to bring with you on the trail.

For our recommended equipment list, click here.









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