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Late Winter 2016

Winter is on its way out. The spring peepers can now be heard each evening, always a welcome harbinger of spring. Though the horses have not yet started shedding, we can feel winter's grip loosening: the days are longer, the winds less bitter, and though nothing is yet in bloom, there is a faint of hue of green emerging amidst the muddy fields. 

Last year we said goodbye to our beloved dogs, Lexi, Pippin, and Barley. Though all elderly, we had not anticipated that we would go from three dogs to none within just a few months. It was the first time we have ever been without dogs, and come late December, we welcomed the newest member of our family, a Texas Heeler pup named Tripper. He is well on his way to learning the ropes of being a farm dog, and I hope one day he will also be a riding and camping companion. It is nice sharing our days with another dog, and the horses seem to enjoy his company when he is down at the barn.

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