The Fence Post - News from the Farm

Spring 2005

Our big project for this year is the riding ring. Work is underway, and emerging from the dirt and mud is a level area approximately 80'x160'. 

Winter/Spring 2005

Variable weather keeps us busy. One day it will be in the 70's with mud everywhere and the next day it can be below freezing. At the moment, there is ice everywhere, and the horses are happily munching away on their hay. Plans are underway for several camp sessions, and a new riding ring is scheduled to be built soon. More fencing and painting also await!

Summer 2004

Our first camp season was a wonderful success! Each day offered new challenges and time to bond with the horses. Campers not only got to know the horses, but one another as well. I was always impressed by the positive attitudes of the campers and their willingness to help each other. Skills visibly improved each day and when camp was over, it was evident campers were not the same riders they had been when they first arrived. Memorable moments from throughout the summer included watching facial grimaces on those riding bareback for the first time on the "bony ponies", learning how to tie quick-release knots, wearing wet bandannas to keep cool, riding up and down the hills on the trails, seeing campers canter for the first time, dressing the horses up in costumes, playing "Mother, May I?" on horseback, learning how to put on and take off bridles, loading Eclipse on the trailer for the first time, riding in rope halters, trotting without holding on, learning to vault onto the back of a pony, grooming the horses and ending up filthy ourselves, playing  "Chubby Bunnies" (How many marshmallows can you shove into your mouth?), riding in the rain, cleaning tack, eating lunch in the hay loft, and simply enjoying one another's company and our unrushed time with the horses. In summary, it was a simply wonderful summer!

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