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Winter 2008

We’re waiting to hear the first spring peepers, which should be any day now.  Due to a computer malfunction, the OMF website had to be recreated.  Quite a chore!  Thanks to those of you who have been waiting patiently for the 2008 camp information to be posted.  I was thankful for several icy days that allowed me to work inside guilt-free; without them, I might still be updating the website! There’s a long “to do” list of outside chores just waiting for warmer weather, so assuming we have nice weather for our Spring Break, it will be spent painting, planting, and playing with the horses. This winter was hard on several of our older residents. Our beloved Jasper died last fall and is now buried in the large field beside Helen. We also lost our wonderful Angora bunny, Clover. We think he was about 12 years old, so he had a good long life. He is buried in the shade of one of our red maples. Saying “goodbye” is one of the bittersweet responsibilities of animal ownership, but it is frequently counterbalanced by the anticipation of new life, which in our case is scheduled to arrive this summer—both Tonka and Tinkerbelle were bred to a beautiful Welsh stallion, Rocky Creek’s Frank Independence. You can see “Frankie’s” picture at I can’t wait to see the babies! Camp is always extra special when there is a foal on the farm, and this summer there will be two!

Winter 2007

We've been enjoying a busy lesson schedule with another unusually warm start to the winter riding season. We'll probably pay for it during the next two months! Sailor will be gelded soon, and I'm trying to find time to condition Thunderbolt (and myself) for endurance rides later in the year. We're waiting to get the results back from our recent soil analysis to see how much liming and fertilizing we'll need to do for quality hay production and healthy pastures. A new feature is being added to the summer camp menu for our older campers who already have lots of riding experience: Adventure Week! I'm excited about spending a week trail riding in the Blue Ridge with a group of horse-loving girls. Should be fun!

Winter 2006

Relatively balmy weather has allowed us to ride throughout most of the far. Since it is now snowing outside (mid-Feb.), who knows what kind of weather we'll face in the remaining weeks of winter. Upcoming projects include additional fencing, and yes, trying to paint all the fencing that is already up.

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