Camp GooseChase

Develop confidence and competence in a non-competitive setting.

Does your daughter love the smell of horses, hay, and leather? Does her definition of happiness include being on the back of a horse? If so, then consider a summer with Camp GooseChase at Old Meadows Farm, a place where girls come back year after year to be a part of our farm family.

Camp GooseChase is a summer camp for girls who want to experience the joy and satisfaction of spending unrushed summer days on horseback, in the barn, and exploring the farm’s fields and forests. There are opportunities for nature studies, the creative arts, gardening and cooking. Each girl will be able to participate in the daily care and training of our horses and explore all that the farm has to offer. When weather, wisdom, and need dictate, we'll participate in other aspects of farm life that could range from cleaning tack and stacking hay bales to gathering blackberries and making jam.

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